An artist on the West Coast of Vancouver Island working with watercolour, wood burning and printmaking.
A lifelong dreamer with a curious mind and an inclination towards painting and drawing. After ten years as a graphic designer, and the beginning of a small family, I stepped back from the desk job and opted to pursue my art while raising two artists of my own. 

I was born and raised on the Canadian Prairies and now proudly call the southern tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia my home. When I am not stomping through the forest or walking along the beach, I can be found in my garden, growing my own food. I'm inspired by the shield of mountains, the canopy of trees, and the diverse flora and fauna in the rain forest around me.

My main focus is watercolor painting with a few mixed media elements. I also explore acrylic painting, printmaking, and wood burning.
How do I purchase your work?
You can purchase my work online anytime through my Etsy shop, in person at one of my seasonal markets (see below) or in one of the exceptional shops (also listed below).
I see a few items on your website, do you have more work?
I sure do! This is a small portfolio selection of my work. I will be adding to it as I create. For more items, please browse through my Etsy shop.
Do you create custom work?
Never hurts to ask! In the past I have customized my wood burned ornaments, custom printed a sightly larger print size and I have created one-of-a-kind paintings. If you have something unique in mind, please send me a message and we can chat about it in more detail.
When is your next market?
My 2020 Market Schedule: 
As applications roll in, I'll update this space after acceptance into each one.
What stores carry your work?
I am honoured to have many of my items at the following delightful shops:
I'm interested in selling your work in my shop. Do you wholesale? 
You betchya! I have my work in a few shops in the Victoria area and would love to expand. Please send me a message.

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